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Just because…

Just because I don’t tell the world I am doesn’t mean I am not and just because you are not there doesn’t mean you aren’t and just because you choose to submerge and merge me and you doesn’t mean we are one and just because me and you are similar doesn’t mean the world should agree for us to be around and just because I just know you are there like the crickets doesn’t mean I hear you always.

So talk to me.


Walking within me!

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Oh what bliss you are the womb!

You bring the rain to my feet

stir inside

and watch it in admiration,

listening to my heartbeat.

You see those birds never budge from their sequence

on the wire

and pledge to sit in the rain with me, soaking in its character.


Oh the cosines of the womb and the chill of the rain!

Walking as one is as good as walking as two!

Walking heart in heart is as good as walking hand in hand!

Did you happen to me?

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If seasons never lost their charm

how would you?

Didn’t you once tell me that you were the ever-changing and ever-evoluting

mood of the sky,

that happens to some and refuses to come to some

and that lends me that CHARM!

And I am killing you with words.

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Lesser weight in the pen

and more in the culture of winds.

The rain is straighter, not slanting

and the wind fails to rouse the pores.

The house sparrows are back in abundance by the pole

And I get to sit by them all day long with a blank yellow notepad in my lap.

I ain’t saying it’s all not worth it…

After all, I am still a child of the wind

and still a witness to the wetness of the rain.

After all, it’s still killing me

And I am killing you with words.




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Would I return

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Would I return

Penned by a gaze

Eyes don’t belong!
A gaze belongs.
To a mind.
To a system of thoughts.
Words synchronize perfectly almost when the gaze matches.